trajectories and closed loops

start vehemently defending all life.

support accidental pregnancies.

advise and admonish people to stop being human and having sex.

expect this to actually work and not backfire.

watch it backfire.

continue to support ignorance over education and science.

agree there is no need for taxpayer funded social safety nets.

blame individuals for systemic flaws and inadequacies.

   (even though personal responsibility is a good thing; just ignore the part about institutional flaws.)

blame poor people for not having the advantages wealthier people do.

inadvertently support crime, poverty, inequality, injustice, lack of medical and psychological care, climate catastrophes, and toxic pollution by allowing corporations to be more irresponsible than ever, and wealthier entities and people to chip in less and less for a society they also benefit from. ensure the very people who can least afford to pay indirectly contribute more.

call this, ‘keeping that durned government & regulation out of our lives completely!’

don’t forget to put a big bow on your children — an educated work force and military gift! you’re practically giving them away for free; the greatest percentage of them isn’t going to the country, but to corporate beneficiaries.

you also gave magnanimous presents in the form of roads, stadiums, firefighters, and police. be sure to acknowledge how your gift never so much as received a thank you note. keeping bending over, grabbing your ankles and wondering why your backside is so sore. consider all the rubbish you got in return for your unrepresented efforts (see previous about: crime, inequality, soldiers who make it home with new prosthetic limbs and invisible scars, high costs for the mere basics of living..)

work harder and smarter.

expect this to actually improve your situation and your neighbor’s, even though it hasn’t for many decades.

ignore that it isn’t working, because you’re told working harder is always supposed to work.

wait for someone to tell you suffering builds character; is ‘good for you,’ and especially not to covet or be jealous. the more you accept substandard and come cheap, the better (but for who?).

be sure not to recognize all the factors that produce mentally deranged individuals who go on shooting sprees.

after the murder rampages, form a circle, light candles in a ceremony for the victims, and pray.

gather all of your pro-life religious colleagues and raise money for lethal injection drugs

to kill the people your system failed and neglected in the first place.


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